Motorcycle Tourism in the Copper Canyon?

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Ivan Fernandez had an un-official meeting with the Secretary of Tourism, Gloria Guevara, while she was on vacation in the Copper Canyon last week. She was visiting Batopilas with her family while he guided her around Batopilas to show her the interesting sights such as the Lost Cathedral, the ruins of the Hacienda of San Miguel and of course the Batopilas Museum where Ivan himself has a featured photographic exhibit depicting the history of the Silver Trail Ride that went from Batopilas to Chihuahua.   Ivan left the Copper Canyon this morning with Director of Tourism for Chihuahua State, Alma Cuesta, in order to meet up with the Director of Tourism in Sinaloa State at the annual Motorcycle Week in Mazatlan happening April 11th through the 15th. He frequently works with the Chihuahua State Tourism Board as a consultant and was the Director of Tourism for Batopilas Municipality in 2011. They will be promoting the new Routes of Adventure during their travels in order to seek out the potential market for adventure travel in the Copper Canyon.
Hoy Ivan Fernandez se fue viajando a mazatlan para promover las nuevas Rutas de la Aventura en la Semana de la Moto con la Dirctora de Turismo del Estado de Chihuahua Alma Cuesta. La idea es la de exponer el potencial del viaje de aventura en la Sierra Madre Occidental – Barrancas del Cobre para actividades como el moto turismo de aventura y aventura en 4×4.

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