The Routes of Adventure

The Routes of Adventure

In the framework of the plan for the development of tourism in the State Chihuahua, Mexico, Batopilas invites you to discover the new Routes of the Adventure. Discover the magic that eveloped ancestral towns, filled with history, which still preserved the beauty and purity of their traditions and customs. "The Route of Adventure" will transport you in time and will show you some of the most spectacular scenery of the Copper Canyon.

Visit Batopilas and experience the colonial charm of its buildings, live its popular celebrations that are a reflection of its past, of times of excitement and rejoicing. Explore its history in the old ruins of the Hacienda San Miguel, an evident example of an opulent past. The spirit of the missionary faith is exposed in the splendor of the Lost Cathedral at Satevo. Hike the length of the masonry aqueduct, following the Silver Trail, treaded by thousands of mules during centuries of mining production and trade. Batopilas is an encounter with the past; its historical legacy and its cultural and architectural heritage reveal a magical town of spectacular features.Routes of Adventure

Holy week in Batopilas highlights the traditions of its dances brightened up by bands brought from Sinaloa or the religious syncretism of the celebrations of the indigenous Raramuris who dance to the beat of the drums in their villages, neighboring the town of Batopilas. Potrero and Munerachi are two of the most authentic indigenous communities of the Sierra Tarahumara and where the ceremonies of Holy Week can be best appreciated when in Copper Canyon.

The ultimate adventure lies in the possibility of discovering the unknown, to soar to the limits themselves that our imagination can reach and go even farther. In this Spirit of Adventure Batopilas defines and places itself in the industry of tourism of the Copper Canyon. Routes of Adventure come AliveBatopilas offers unparalleled alternatives of adventure, not only because it has a unique geographic location but also because it is one of the most remote and unexplored parts of the world. Its accessibility, which provides the possibility to immerse oneself into the unknown, following the “Routes of Adventure”, to practice adventure sports such as motorcycle tourism, mountain biking, 4X4 experience, hiking and riding among many other activities that suggest exploring the boundaries of adventure. The call is for all those who see alternative and cultural tourism as an answer and who are willing to come and enjoy a truly exceptional experience.


Visit Batopilas and discovers the magic of unknown Mexico!