Motorcycle Touring

The Beginning of Adventure…

The Copper Canyon as an alternative for adventure travel offers the untamed beauty of the spectacular natural environment of the Sierra Madre and the mystery of the unknown frontier of México.

The Copper Canyon is one of the ideal places in the world for adventure travel. The exposure to the natural beauty and the culture of its people provide the experience of adventure of the magic of México in its pure essence.

Discover the New Routes of Adventure by riding your motorcycle across one of the most spectacular sceneries in the world. The Copper Canyon offers more than a thousand kilometers of paved mountain roads or for the most extreme the back roads lead you to some of the most remote destinations in the Sierra Madre where one can really taste the true limits of adventure.

From the Copper Canyon to the Sea of Cortez along the New Route of Adventure:

Explore one of the most magnificent adventure corridors in the world and experience the mystery of `Unknown México´. The crossing of the Sierra Madre Occidental offers the serenity of the mountain tops in contrast to the drama of canyon country to the beautiful beaches of the Sea of Cortez.

For all those who are not inclined to the ordinary, and who want to experience life without boundaries, the Copper Canyon awaits with the extraordinary beauty of its scenery and the culture of its people. Come and be part of it!

In the essence of what is Not conventional travel but a cultural experience the amazing world of the Copper Canyon´s indigenous people, the Raramuri Indians will transport you to an age of discovery and exploration. Indeed the Copper Canyon is the true beginning of adventure…

Motorcyle touring is a concept of tourism that brings together adventure and skill into a social framework of personal challenge.